1. Rain in Autumn

From the recording Cycles

This is called rain in autumn words and music by mid century composer Ernest Gold. Found in a book of old folk songs from around the world I found at my grandparents’. I went to Mexico this fall and had a lot of rain storms while there. The rain sample is a voice memo from a storm in Mexico this fall. The rest of the song is my voice and my synths

Performed, arranged, recorded, produced by Binx le fae
Mixed by Bram Kaprow
Master by Justin Wiess


Drip drip dip its raining all through the day all through the night
Drip drip drip the sky is grey and a heavy mist lies on the meadow
like a blanket of wool
Drip drip drip I'm looking out of my window and I long for the warm days of summer
and the blue sky and the sun.
Drip drip drip its raining all through the day, all through the night.