Binx Le Fae (Brittany Gilmore) is a California Singer/Songwriter/Artist. Before she even learned how to speak, Brittany knew she loved to sing. She grew up on jazz, Folk and tight vocal harmonies. She is fascinated by synthesizers and the magic of nature. 

Binx Le Fae has written, produced and released 3 albums: Process (2015), Sonder (2020), and Cycles (2023). The 3 albums are a trilogy portraying the idea of 3 dimensions. The first album represented 1 dimension; the self, introspective and going inward. The 2nd album was the 2nd dimension; going outward and becoming aware of other. Cycles is the 3rd dimension; up, down, and around into a realm we do not see, into the imaginary and spiritual world.

She has also released several singles including Sad Vacation (2021) which received a complimentary review from We Write About Music, and Vertigo (2021) for which she made a music video inspired by the Hitchcock film that served as an ode to San Francisco.  

You can find her on instagram, youtube, spotify or anywhere you stream music, as well as some  bars, restaurants or the occasional street corner sharing her music and candles.