1. Flame Song

From the recording Cycles

This Is a tune found in a book of folk songs from around the world. It seems to have been written in the early 1900s with words by Nancy bird Turner and music by Milton Kay. The poem at the end is written by Tom Robinson. Bake bread, enjoy the wisdom of late summer and begin preparing for the harvest

Performed, arranged, recorded by Binx Le Fae
Produced by Binx le fae and Mark Reynolds
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Reynolds


Burn wood burn
wood that was once a tree and knew
blossom and leaf and the spring's return
nest and singing and rain and dew
burn wood burn

shine flame shine
woven of sunlight through and through
light of the centuries gold and fine
clear and exquisite warm and true
shine flame shine

bless fire bless
play on lintel and wall and beam
touch our lives with your loveliness
fill our hearts with your singing dream
bless fire bless