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This song is a traditional Hungarian Folk song with English words written by Betty Askwith and is part of my project to release songs all year through the cycle of the seasons. I found this song in a book of "folk songs from around the world" I found at my Grandparents house. Performed, arranged, recorded and produced by me for you.

Happy May! May Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years as a welcoming in of summer. It marks the in-between of Spring equinox and Summer solstice and was celebrated with feasts, bonfires and songs. In more recent history it is also equated to international workers day when the 8 hr workday and weekends were established. This was a victory in a time when 16 hour shifts were not uncommon and a step towards a more full and balanced life that we can continue to create. We are far from Utopia but can celebrate the victories along the way.

Performed, arranged, recorded, produced by Binx le fae
Mixed by Bram Kaprow
Master by Justin Wiess


Sweet the evening air of May
Soft my cheek caressing,
Sweet the unseen lilac spray
with it's scented blessing,
White and ghostly in the bloom
shine the apple trees in bloom.