1. We're All Okay

From the recording Sonder


Moon on the desert lake, learning how to make a scene
Coming to commiserate the sparks of something never seen
Your heart will tell you anything, Your heart will tell you everything
Life is really nothing more than the sparks of something never seen

Why are we all so lonely?

Instant love or lack thereof, the morning after the biggest show
Roots grow, where do they spread? Are you following what’s in your head?

If your big heart casts a big shadow, remember the past is your teacher and we’re all okay
in time

And time is the only thing we know
That we have and cannot hold
But it holds onto us
and we can hold on to love
And love is the only the only thing to do
In the time we must get through
There’ll always be time for love
Cause love will make time

Written and Produced by Brittany Gilmore